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25 Days of Christmas

Acts of Kindness Challenge

Join us in the Acts of Kindness challenge this Christmas season!


Thursday, December 13      

Send a handwritten letter

Friday, December 14           

Bake cookie for police and firefighters

Saturday, December 15       

Donate pet food to a local animal shelter

Sunday, December 16

Tell family members you love them

Monday, December 17         

Donate crayons and coloring books to a children's hospital

Tuesday, December 18        

Smile at someone

Wednesday, December 19  

Pay for the car behind you in the drive thru line

Thursday, December 20      

Invite someone over for dinner

Friday, December 21

Help a friend

Saturday, December 22       

Donate food to a local food bank

Sunday, December 23          

Let someone ahead of you in line

Monday, December 24         

Say a prayer for someone

Tuesday, December 25        

Have a Merry Christmas and keep acts of kindness going year-round!