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January 2020 E-Newsletter

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The New Year is bringing some changes to Dowd Insurance


A note from Sam:

As we start the New Year, I wanted to let you all know I have accepted a position with Hibbs-Hallmark. While I’m excited for this new endeavor, I’d be remiss if didn’t express my gratitude for my time with Dowd Insurance, for having each of you as clients, and for learning the ropes of the insurance industry from one of the best agents in the industry, my father Tom. As I transition into this new role, I know you and your insurance needs are in the best hands with Tom, Sara, Shannon and Jenn. My agency email will be active until the end January if you need to contact me. I have really enjoyed my time working with each of you, and I wish you all the best for the future.
Happy New Year!

A note from Tom:

I am proud of all that Sam has achieved at the agency, and we are EXCITED for Sam and his new endeavor. I know his announcement comes as a surprise to many of you, and I want to reassure you our team is committed to providing each of you with the same level of service you’ve come to know and expect from us. I hope your New Year is already to a great start, and we look forward to working with you all this year!

A note from Jenn:

Aloha! As some of you may know, I work remotely for the agency from wherever the Air Force sends my husband, Will. For the last three years, we were stationed in Spokane, WA, and in November we moved on to our next assignment in Hawaii. After a whirlwind move, we are finally settled in to our new home and enjoying island life. I wanted to let you know of our move, as I am currently 4 hours behind you on daylight savings time, and once you spring forward in Texas, I will be 5 hours behind you. So if you receive an email from me at an odd time that’s why. ;-)
Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! (Happy New Year!)


Client Spotlight: Euphora Health

A doctor in a lab coat with a stethoscope around their neck crossing their arms with the Euphora Health logo and text Direct Primary Car A Patient First Practice overlayed

Starting the New Year with a health-related resolution? If you’re looking for a better primary care option than the traditional fee-for-service insurance billing model, give Dr. Larsen and his team at Euphora Health a call. Direct Primary Care with Euphora Health is an affordable option that gives patients easier and more transparent access to healthcare and various procedures. The team at Euphora Health takes pride in providing excellent care and invests the time to truly understand the needs of each individual patient. Euphora Health even opened a new location in Cedar Park this fall to provide direct primary care more accessible to Texans. No matter your health journey, Euphora Health is here to walk alongside you.

Learn More


Your Referrals = Donations

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Thanks to your referrals, we’ve donated $150 to A21, our charity of the quarter from October to December. Every time you refer a friend, we donate to a charity, and you’re also entered into our annual $100 gift card drawing. Congratulations to Todd McDougall, the winner of our 2019 gift card drawing!

Now for the first charity of 2020… With the new year, many people look forward to change and a fresh start for themselves. With that in mind, we have selected Radical Restoration Ministries as the charity of the quarter for January to March. Radical Restoration provides support to women who are recently released to break to cycle of incarceration and addiction and to start a new chapter of their lives.

Referral Program Details


Access Your Account Online

Screenshot of the front page of the website with an orange arrow pointing to the client center button on the main banner

Did you know that you can access your policy information 24/7 through the Client Center? The Client Center allows you to:

View Policies - View a snapshot of active policies
Request Policy Changes - Submit policy change requests online. The office is immediately notified and will follow up appropriately.
Download ID Cards - You have immediate access to your auto ID cards and can download them on your computer or mobile device.
Add Claims Information or Images - Quickly upload important claims documents to your account
Generate Certificates - Request new certificates in seconds
And More!

Check out this short video on how to access your account, and then log in to the Client Center via our website,


Online Chat Now Available

Overhead shot of a woman typing on a laptop on a table with a cup of coffee and some eyeglasses next to her

Have a question or need help with a policy, but you’re not able to make a phone call or write out a long email? Chat with us online! Visit the website and click on the Chat With Us button at the lower right side of the website to chat with us today!

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What To Do If You're In An Accident

A young woman and young man stand next to each other exchanging information on their phones beside their two cars

Accidents happen - even to the most careful drivers. Knowing what to do after an accident will help you to remain calm and in control. It can also help you get back on the road faster. Take a moment to review our accident checklist, so you’re prepared in the event of an accident.

In case you are in an accident, keep this checklist in your car:

Immediately After the Accident
Stay safe. Assess the situation for your immediate safety. Stay in your car if there is a risk of injury or if moving might put you at risk of further injury.
Move to a safe location if your car is creating a safety hazard or obstructing traffic. Do not leave the scene of the accident!
Determine if there are any injuries.
Call 911 immediately to report the accident and get help to the scene, if needed.
Follow any instructions the police give you.
Call your insurance company.
Follow any instructions given to you by your agent.
Request a tow through your insurance company, if possible.
Note the name of the tow company and location to which your vehicle is towed

At the Scene: Gather Information
Be courteous and polite, but do not admit fault. Take the names, contact information and car insurance information of any drivers involved in the accident. Get names and contact information for any witnesses to the accident. Provide your name and insurance information to the police and to other driver(s).

Protect Your Identity! Give out ONLY the following information: your name, your vehicle’s make, model, year, color and VIN, the name of your insurance company (agent's name and phone, policy number), and DO NOT allow your license or registration to be photographed.

At the Scene: Document the Accident
If you have a smart phone or camera, take photos to document the scene if it is safe to do so. Include pictures of: license plates of involved vehicles, damage to your vehicle, damage to other vehicles, damage to property other than vehicles, objects at the scene (accident debris, skid marks, fallen branches, etc.), street signs or other landmarks to identify the accident location, and any contributing factors to the accident (such as obscured traffic signs).

Write down: time and date of accident, weather and traffic conditions, description of the accident, description of injuries and damage, details of police or emergency involvement (officers name and badge number as well as the responding county/city).


Carrier Info

Compilation of carrier logos including Travelers, Nationwide, Safeco, Liberty Mutual and The Hartford

Need to contact your insurance carrier directly? You can find your carrier’s contact information quick and easy on our website. Just click on your carrier’s logo and the available contact information will be displayed.

Contact Your Carrier


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